Relocation Scotland Relocation Scotland

Settling In

Aim: To provide knowledge of the new location, understanding of unfamiliar procedures and cultural matters and assistance with adjusting to your new environment.

We understand that finding a new home and arranging education for the children is only part of the picture when relocating to a new environment. Loneliness, homesickness and unfamiliarity with new procedures and customs can make the first few months difficult without support. All of our personnel have experience of national and international moves and can provide both empathy and practical support.

Individual needs will of course vary, but our services can include:

  • Assistance with opening bank accounts, registering with doctors and dentists and explanation of unfamiliar local procedures.
  • Tour of shopping and leisure facilities and other local amenities.
  • Supply of a comprehensive Aberdeen Arrival Package, including maps and a detailed guide to the area and its amenities.
  • Introduction to newcomers and other support groups.