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Our Staff

All ladies love accessories...the little touches...and we're no exception. The thought, care and attention to detail at Relocation Scotland are second to none. Most of our staff have, at one time or another, been through the relocation process themselves and can empathise with our clients' needs and concerns. This, along with our tireless efforts to "be there" for our relocatees makes us unique in the relocation business.

Mary Smith, Managing Director
Relocation Scotland is in safe hands with Mary at the wheel. Having relocated herself to 4 continents she understands the pitfalls of relocation and how to avoid them and knows how to make the relocation process an effortless, exciting one for the client.
Susie Shaw, Customer Services Coordinator
A wise man once said, "When we long for life without difficulties remind us that oaks grow in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure". Need we say more about Susie? She is the link pin which pulls it all together to make each relocation a happy one for our clients.
Denise Campbell, Tenancy Management Administrator
Denise has it in the bag when she's property and inventory checking...and not just any bag. Like the finest, hand-tooled, Italian leather, compartmentalized bag, everything must be perfect and in its place for our clients before she's happy.
Aileen McEwen, Accountant & Human Resources
Not only does she retain a firm grasp on Relocation Scotland's purse strings, Aileen is a true people person. She has a wealth of experience in both disciplines along with diplomacy skills to rival Kofi Annan.
Nicky Henderson, Tenancy Management Assistant
That's a preferable title to "Damages and Dilapidations" which is really what Nicky takes care of. Nothing slips past her and her pen quickly gets to work if she thinks one of our clients is being unjustly billed for property damage or loss.

Our Relocation Consultants

Relocation "Counsellor" would be a more fitting description for what our lovely ladies on the road do. However, showing properties is the tip of the iceberg. They take care of client orientation around the city, registering clients with doctors, helping them open bank accounts, enrolling their children in school, joining gyms, etc., but, most importantly "listening and understanding". Our consultants are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients – literally and figuratively.

Claire Miller, Relocation Consultant
All our clients, without exception, who have had the pleasure of viewing properties and being "oriented" under the expert and charming guidance of Claire, report back with glowing accounts of her efficiency, friendliness and knowledge.